(Un-Re) Attached

(Un/Re)Attached is a series that explores the natural—and sometimes unnatural—actions of breaking, healing, losing and gaining that we perform every day. My paintings explore the ways we tear ourselves apart and build ourselves back up in the cycle of reinvention and experimentation.


My work features a complex level of layering colors, strokes and drips to create what I like to think of visual sound representing a myriad of atmospheres from that of nature to the noise of city life.

Between the Lines

This series of work focuses on my signature style of portraiture. My work features multi-faceted interpretations of emotion and perception by utilizing shared lines, forms and color between characters.


The people that I paint are my characters. I paint portraits of my characters in a fluid blocky, colorful way to express the ideas that are brewing in my mind. The way that I paint starts with colors, lines, and shapes. I look for direction in the randomness and texture and I go with the flow. With the cues that I give myself I try to express the possible states of humorous to the forlorn and the various emotions in between.