John Osgood Osgood is a contemporary painter, muralist and illustrator who grew up in Edmonds, Washington. He graduated with a BA from Washington State University with a minor in Fine Arts. Osgood has created murals all over the Puget Sound area and in 2010 and 2011 was only one of a couple US artists invited to the UK’s Urban Mural Art festival “Upfest”. Osgood has exhibited in multiple galleries and venues on the West Coast including, Arts|West Gallery, Brian Marki Fine Arts Portland & Palm Springs, Center on Contemporary Art, Washington State University SEB Gallery, repeat invited artist to Seattle Erotic Art Festival and more. He has been commissioned by clients including Aegis, Chicago Title,  Pratt Fine Arts Center, Rhapsody, Seattle DOT and Uber among others. For more examples visit his paintingsmurals, and illustrations. Artist Statement: The colors, layers and shapes of my paintings are inspired by what I see in my surroundings both natural and man-made. I am process oriented and begin my work with loose brush strokes and swaths of spray paint focusing initially on color and composition. During the creation process, I add many layers of color which add texture and dimensionality, as well as a complexity that begs the viewer to spend time enjoying the small intricacies and hidden gems carefully woven into each piece. My paintings may reveal shapes of birds, flowers, figures, words and other found objects intended to give the viewer a feeling of familiarity the longer they look at the piece.