Bay Area Muralist & Fine Artist

With many years experience creating large-scale murals across the West Coast, John Osgood has developed a distinctive style that blends figurative and nature-based art with abstract urban & tech designs. Raised in the Pacific NW and currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Osgood infuses his art with elements inspired by the natural and urban environments around him. Vibrant colors, street style aesthetic and positive vibes characterize his work.

Nature Based Murals

Make Your Wall Pop!

Even in urban environments, we are surrounded by birds, flowers, trees and animals that adapt and thrive along with people. I have a passion for creating work that incorporates local native species with a bold color palette to highlight the importance of finding ways to live in balance together.

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Interior Murals

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Transform your space with captivating visual narratives through vibrant colors and nature-based designs. Bring nature indoors with lush colorful botanicals, birds, and abstract mural designs. Learn more about working with me...

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Original Paintings

The Balance between Humans & Nature

My fascination with birds are evident in the majority of my work. Whether it is representing the balance between humans & nature or adding human-like characters to these aves, my paintings are optimistic in our relationship with the natural world.

Fine Art Originals