West Coast Muralist

John Osgood specializes in commercial & residential interior and exterior murals across the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. With roots in Seattle, WA and currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area he has over 13 years of experience working with cities, chambers, neighborhood organizations, residential clients, corporate & small businesses across the West Coast from Alaska to California.

Exterior Murals

Make Your Wall Pop!

My portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, including captivating landscapes, lush nature scenes, vibrant street style designs, and custom art tailored to suit specific themes or branding.

Exterior Murals

Interior Murals

Elevate Your Space.

My work combines vibrant
colors and intricate details to create captivating visual narratives. My murals and paintings explore themes of identity, memory, and emotions, often incorporating
elements of street art and pop culture.

Interior Murals

Commissioned Paintings

Vibrant Contemporary Fine Art

Leverage the power of art to elevate your business or home with vibrant large-scale contemporary paintings. Free delivery and hanging services within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fine Art Originals